Healthcare Activos

on Real Estate Investment

in the Healthcare Sector
at European Level.

We believe in the virtuous circle of health.

Few investments are so positive for people, the sector, society and the planet simultaneously. Quality in the health sector is the engine of long-term economic development and social cohesion.

Healthcare Activos was born with the vocation to have a long-term positive impact on both people and the community. We consciously specialize in the health sector because this allows us to improve people’s lives with each of our daily actions.

Seeking the best for current and future patients, and for society is the basis of our strategy.

Leading platform in real estate HealthCare

64 assets acquired and developed in Iberia since its creation with an investment volume of more than 910 million euros.

Experienced Management Team

Management team with extensive experience in the healthcare and real estate sectors.

Long Term Investment Strategy

Clearly defined long-term investment fundamentals for the entire investment process.

Growing Sector with High Social Impact

Investment in necessary health infrastructure with a high economic and social impact.

Strong commitment to sustainability

We are leaders

Referral partner

in the long term for the
large Healthcare operators.

Healthcare Activos is a recognised leader in the development of healthcare infrastructure, a partner of the largest European groups in the sector.

Positioning the Patient

at the Healthcare
Services Center.

We care about people in all their dimensions: as
service users, such as professionals and investors, such as
citizens and, ultimately, as inhabitants of a planet
that we have an obligation to protect.

We have a unique and joint vision of the sector, which does not distinguish between the health and the social, but rather places the person at the center, as the axis on which the services must pivot.

Achieving the best for the user entails the best results for society and for investors.

Our Trajectory

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euros in value
of assets



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average rent



WAULT of the portfolio


Social impact

of Healthcare Activos




The objectives pursue equality between PEOPLE, protect the PLANET and
ensure PROSPERITY as part of a new development agenda
overall sustainable.

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